SSOOOK Slingbags, convenient for public transportation and on board

SSOOOK Slingbags, convenient for public transportation and on board

Can be used on public transport as well as on airplanes
Comfortable SSOOOK Slingbags.

SSOOOK Slingbag is a sling bag that
is comfortable for both dogs (cats) and
owners as it is soft and durable with a five-layer structure.

It is a window type that can be opened and closed
on 4 sides and is well ventilated,
so you can use it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Dogs want to look outside, so they will
stand or sit in the bag to look outside.

SSOOOK Slingbag is equipped with a front
window so you can lie down comfortably and relax.

SOOOK's unique trapezoidal structure makes
the bottom slightly wider than the existing sling bag.
Camping, airplanes, public transportation,
of course When traveling or going out for a long distance,
it is also SSOOOK Slingbag
"SSOOOK Slingbag" has an eight-layer structure
with solid sides and a sturdy bottom that does not sag.

It provides a stable and comfortable resting
place for your dog (cat) even if you change
your posture after sitting and lying down in the bag.

With a detachable strap, there are various ways to wear it,
and depending on the vehicle,
it can be used as a console & car seat.
It is a  SSOOOK multi  Slingbag that can be used
as a house for my child when traveling.
Unlike the ssoook bag,
which is designed for relatively mid- to long-distance travel,
the second SSOOOK slingbag to be released
is a mobile bag optimized for light use in daily life,
such as short-distance travel, in front of the house,
or at the hospital. It is a relatively well-angled and solid slingbag
that can be used for public transportation such as airplanes,
buses, taxis, and trains. It has left and right windows
that cannot be seen in other existing slingbags,
and mesh fabric and main fabric are used in the front and upper parts.
It is designed to have three modes: half-open, full-open, and full-close.
This is different from existing slingbags mainly
made for spring and summer, SSOOOK slingbag can be used
in spring and summer as well as cold winter,
and various inner bottom forms and bib shapes are
one step different from the slingbags we have seen so far.
Developed with the goal of premium,
the new and more evolved SSOOOK slingbag.
The windows located on both sides of the bag
allow the owner to pet the dog with both hands,
and the front window is designed to solve the uncomfortable
appearance of sticking your head out toward the upper
entrance in trains, airplanes, cafes, restaurants, etc.
In preparation for special cases that require
complete visual blockage, the mesh and main
fabric are double-finished,
so that the dog can be moved comfortably in any situation.