SSOOOK NOTICE - Customer discount information

Hello SSOOOK members!

We would like to inform you of event news for customers who have registered as SSOOOK members.


Two benefits for new member registration SSOOOK customers!


Sign up as a new member and receive a 5% discount code!
(5% discount code sent to registered email)



Purchase your first SSOOOK product with a 5% discount!


Receive an additional 10% discount code
(A 10% discount code will be sent to your registered email address as soon as you complete your first purchase)


Repurchase SSOOOK products with a 10% discount!

● Recipient of 5% discount code: Customers who sign up for the first time
● 10% discount code recipient: Customers who complete their first purchase after registering as a member (Send e-mail)


Event Target: SSOOOK new member customers
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*Upon successful registration, a subscription confirmation email will be sent to


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