SSOOOK Breathable Mesh Coveralls

SSOOOK Breathable Mesh Coveralls

Helps to prevent mosquitoes, ticks, bugs and pests
SSOOOK  MeshCoverall
- Mosquitoes, ticks, etc. that threaten the dog's health. Various pests!
- UV rays that are deadly to your dog's skin!
- Grass that attaches to dog hair and causes
skin diseases and various diseases!

A dog's skin is different for each breed,
but the whole body is covered with fur that protects the skin.

The saliva of mosquitoes or pests penetrates
through these hair gaps and comes into contact with the dog's skin.
SSOOOK was created by applying the principle
of forming a layer over the hair so that the saliva
of mosquitoes or pests cannot touch the dog's skin.
Cool and comfortable at the same time!
SSOOOK  MeshCoverall

It is highly recommended for children who
have a lot of fever as it forms an inner air layer with a mesh for clothing.
In addition, the touch of the mesh is soft and
the thickness is thin, so there is no burden even
when it touches the skin, and the dense mesh
type provides excellent ventilation.
Generous fit that is good for active friends and those with weak patellas!
The SSOOOK Mesh Coverall has a generous fit.
and The sleeves, hood, and stomach are banded,
so it's easy to put on and take off, and it's easy to have fun.