travel with SSOOOK

travel with SSOOOK

THE Happiest travel by SSOOOK 

When you leave the house with your dog and go somewhere, there are always unexpected moments.
If you are with SSOOOK, you will not be embarrassed in any situation,
You can communicate comfortably with more dog and cat lovers.

When the dogs are not anxious and have a comfortable space, the dog owners can have a safe and happy trip.
SSOOOK, which provides the best space for both floor and wall, provides the greatest happiness in existence.
If you have not yet experienced SSOOOK, experience the specialness this time.
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Dog car seats are now a necessity, not an option.


Dog owners who will be driving for long periods of time, such as traveling, camping, or on vacation, look for car seats for their dogs in advance.

We provide a comfortable space in the car without any anxiety.

All you need is the SSOOOK car seat, SSOOOK house, and SSOOOK bag.

You can travel anywhere with a light heart.


#SSOOOK Dog Carseat 

SSOOOK sunshade blocks strong sunlight

It's not just a pretty accessory, it's a necessity.

Like humans, dogs need sunlight for good health, including regulating calcium in the body and promoting metabolism.

Strong ultraviolet rays burn your dog’s skin and cause various diseases.

✓ POINT 1. Protect your skin and eyesight.

If your dog is continuously exposed to ultraviolet rays, it can cause burns or skin cancer such as squamous cell carcinoma.

In particular, dogs' eyes are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, so they are at high risk of developing eye diseases such as retinal damage and cataracts. When the sunlight is strong, install an umbrella to protect children's skin and eyes from ultraviolet rays.


✓ POINT 2. Provide a comfortable and comfortable resting space.

It creates a more comfortable space than a car seat that is open on all sides, allowing your dog to rest more comfortably.


✓ POINT 3. Add safety to safety.

Even if you attach a harness strap to your car seat, are you worried that it will pop out during a sudden stop?

Installing the SSOOOK car seat sunshade will help prevent your child from falling forward.

Main development purpose of SSOOOK car seat

Currently, car seats specifically for dogs are being used to prevent behaviors such as sitting on the owner's lap or moving around in the car.

This is to prevent accidents caused by sudden stops, stepping on the accelerator pedal, falling over chairs, etc.

The first goal is to get your dog into the seat.

It is designed to greatly help prevent safety accidents even if your dog only sits on the seat.

The first purpose of this product is to prevent accidents that may occur due to unexpected situations caused by dogs, rather than a product for vehicle accidents.

Compared to regular dog kennels, it is more prone to damage in the event of an accident and is dangerous due to plastic fragments.

SSOOOK house is equipped with cushions that have the same effect as safe airbags.


▪️ If you get severe motion sickness or separation anxiety while camping outside, I highly recommend SSOOOK House, where you can use the car seat you use at home.

▪️ travel together

▪️ If you travel a lot by car, we recommend the SSOOOK car seat.





Attach the handle and hang it on the back of the chair.

The roof can be opened by walking with ISOFIX or completely closed with mesh, making it safe to use as a dog car seat.

Since it is used at home, not only does it provide a sense of stability, but the cushion also helps prevent motion sickness.


Even if children spend a long time

‘SSOOOK BAG’, a healing space where you can relax comfortably

Stable comfort even when changing posture from sitting to lying inside the bag

It is safe and will not fall or collapse even if you lean on or step on the wall of the bag.

It is convenient to use as a carry-on bag, console car seat, etc.




When using SSOOOKbag as a console car seat

The walls and bottom of the bag firmly hold the child and provide stability.

The cushioning is so soft that even children who suffer from motion sickness can drive comfortably for long periods of time. (Padding height adjustable)



No more worrying about your car seat getting wet or stained anytime, anywhere!

SSOOOK car seat and SSOOOK house will make you comfortable and happy.

And be sure to experience the SSOOOK back console car seat!