SM232 - LTSW-Tex (SSOOOK Light-Tex)

With the highest level of water repellency and water pressure resistance

Light / Thin / Soft / Waterproof


WR water-repellent processing repels water droplets, and PU coating adds water resistance and wind protection. Even if it suddenly rains, I feel reassured.

Product used..

● SSOOOK Goosefeel Padded 3 Series


[SO-OW670] Vest (S ~7XL)


[SO-OW671] Coveralls (For Unisex, SM ~ 7XL)

[SO-OW672] Coveralls (For Girls, SM ~ 7XL)

[SO-OW673] Coveralls (For French Bulldog Fit, For Unisex, L ~ 3XL)

[SO-OW674] Coveralls (For French Bulldog Fit, For Girls, L ~ 3XL)

[SO-OW675] Coveralls (For Dachshund Fit, For Unisex, M ~ 2XL)

[SO-OW676] Coveralls (For Dachshund Fit, For Girls, M ~ 2XL)


[SO-AC018] SSOOOK Goosefeel Padde Hat (S ~7XL)


● SSOOOK AIR Coveralls


[SO-OW001] Coveralls (For Unisex, S ~ 3XL)

[SO-OW002] Coveralls (For Girls, S ~ 3XL)


● AIR 2 Padding Overalls


[PA-OW540] Vest (Fall Winter, S ~3XL)

[PA-OW540] Vest (Fall Winter, 4XL ~9XL)


[PA-OW541] Overalls (Half Cover, Both For Unisex, S ~ L)

[PA-OW541] Overalls (Half Cover, Both For Unisex, XL ~ 3XL)

[PA-OW542] Overalls (All Cover, For Girls, S ~ L)

[PA-OW542] Overalls (All Cover, For Girls, XL ~ 3XL)