How to measure your size?

How to measure your size

Please measure with your child standing upright on all fours (Stay posture ㅡ> as shown in the figure below).

When the child is sitting or lying down, the back length is too long for this measurement.

The child's size and clothing do not fit the size.

(If your child is not standing well, we recommend getting help from someone else to hold the child and measure it.)

Up to 5 times as there may be a range of error depending on the measurement. Please measure at least 3 times and set the average in cm.


How to measure your back length

As shown in the picture below, you can measure from between the shoulder blades (the hollow) to between the pelvis and the pelvis (the hollow / before the beginning of the tailbone).



How to measure chest circumference

Measure the circumference around the thickest part under the armpit.
(usually 2~3cm away from the armpit)



Neck circumference

You can measure the circumference at the beginning of the neck above the shoulder.
(Position when children wear a leash)