SSOOOK cushion for comfortable, high-quality sleep

A cushion that needs to be good every day because it touches your child’s skin every day.



Let your dog sleep independently with a comfortable and cozy SSOOOK cushion.

SSOOOK is based on top quality + comfort + rationality.

In addition to creating a comfortable atmosphere through our own design and process, we always strive to ensure that your dog gets a high-quality sleep.


If you have multiple dogs, multiple cats, allergies, or rhinitis, the first thing you worry about is washing and keeping house dust and mites clean.

Dog cushions are a very good environment for harmful bacteria such as household dust, mold, and mites to proliferate, so if they are not properly managed, not only the dog but the entire family can develop rhinitis and various allergies.

The SSOOOK cushion is made of microfiber filling to prevent the intrusion of harmful substances such as fine dust, household dust, and house dust mites. It can be machine washed (using a laundry net) depending on the capacity of the washing machine, so SSOOOK comfortably wraps your dog's body. Our special round cushion creates a comfortable sleeping environment.

Instead of a donut cushion made by rolling long rod tubes, this is a special spaceship-shaped mattress with 16 patterns that implement circular edges and a spherical center.

SSOOOK cushion for dogs and cats optimized for their instinct to dig and lie down.

SSOOOK cushions allow customization of optimal cushioning for dogs.

The cushion has a zipper on the center cushion and border cushion, so you can visually check the filling and the height can be adjusted.

It is made up of a microfiber part called 0.7D Wellon in the center and an AF Fiber part in the periphery so that the user can directly adjust the amount of cotton.





SSOOOK cushion border cotton

Bounce fiber filling with strong resilience and solid stability



SSOOOK cushion’s center cushion cotton

Goosefil fiber filling that is light and soft like a feather



Considering that the bedding will be in contact with our dog's body for a long time, we carefully considered it and made it properly without using animal materials.

The microfiber cotton filled in the SSOOOK cushion is made of Huvis' highly resilient conjugate cotton, and has the ability to instantly absorb, dissipate, and dry a large amount of moisture, boasting excellent antibacterial and anti-mite properties.

ZERO hair loss + ZERO odor


SSOOOK beds do not use animal materials such as duck or goose down, so they can be used cleanly.

SSOOOK cushion designed optimally for dogs to sleep well

The peak-shaped backrest realized in a three-dimensional pattern and the pattern and mattress material of the area where the head and legs are located are different.

The SSOOOK brand is

Since each dog has a different feel for the height of the mattress, choose the HIGH version (V.1-BC001) with a thicker height for those who prefer sufficient cushioning.
It consists of two versions: LOW version (V.2-BM101), which seems low but has a moderate height.

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Fits a variety of covers! Easy and comfortable cushion care by peeling and covering

● Soft, waterproof inner cover

● Ice cooling cover that regulates body temperature

● Boa cover adds warmth and coziness even in the cold winter

SSOOOK cushion cover ->

8Details of premium SSOOOK cushion made with understanding the habits of dogs

Detail1 • Only the highest quality microfiber cotton is used

Detail2 • OEKO-TEX certification

Detail3 • Cushion height can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of cotton.

Detail4 • No worries about dust, mites, and germs

Detail5 • Surrounds and supports the entire body

Detail6 • Can be modified into 16-piece patterns and is flexible

Detail7 • Comfortable sleeping environment without leaning

Detail8 • Pleasant hygiene management with easy washing

About SSOOOK bed and SSOOOK mattress..

SSOOOK Cushion SSOOOK Bed, also called SSOOOK Cushion, is a dog bed that is fundamentally different from regular dog cushions.

I have been wondering for a long time whether it would be possible for puppy dolls to sleep in the same bed as people, and I also remember several brands releasing dog beds made with sponges that imitate the shape of a human bed.

SSOOOK also tried making a sample like this, but was deeply concerned about whether a bed that mimics a human bed could really give a dog a comfortable and deep sleep.

Most dog beds try to please many dog ​​owners by paying attention to the exterior like a princess bed with lace, but SSOOOK did more research into the invisible inside of the bed.

What kind of bed can a dog sleep in most comfortably?

If you truly care about dogs, you have laid the foundation for designing a dog bed mattress by observing the way dogs sleep and studying zoology and veterinary medicine.

Having lived as a professional with various dogs for over 20 years, I have created a dog-specific mattress that, unlike human mattresses, has a depression in the center based on the dogs' digging habit, and the surrounding area has more than 30% elasticity, so it fits in the middle with SSOOOK. For the first time in the industry, it has been developed with its own unique philosophy and composition.

The existing circular four-square cushion is a simple cushion, and its pattern and manufacturing method are very simple. However, to realize this SSOOOK mattress, the circular cushion must have a pattern of more than 13 pieces and the quadrangular cushion must have a pattern of more than 22 pieces and a center like a volcanic crater. The towering pattern shapes of the area were implemented.

The most common dog cushions, which have a center cushion inserted into the rim, cause the center cushion to move around, and no matter how flat you make it, it is not a comfortable place to sleep if you see your dog sleeping in the hollow area between the wall and the center cushion. With this in mind, the SSOOOK mattress made by SSOOOK has a gently curved surface from the periphery that slides down to the microfiber part in the center, allowing the image of a dog digging into the ground and sleeping comfortably in a hollow space, not outdoors, but inside the house.

SSOOOK applies SSOOOK mattresses to all products that dogs enter, such as bags, car seats, and houses. SSOOOK beds are based on SSOOOK mattresses, and various dog bed products include various covers, frames, and toppers as additional components. We are developing and releasing.

SSOOOK promises to continue development and research with pride in providing the best effort and technology to ensure a comfortable and comfortable sleep for our dogs.