SSOOOK exists for these customers.

SSOOOK exists for these customers.

Dear my SSOOOK customers


SSOOOK exists for these customers.

While running Puppy Angel for over 20 years, I have found that there are more customers I cannot satisfy than there are customers I can satisfy.

There was a time in my early 20s when I tried to be kind to everyone around me. In my own way, my actions and words of being considerate of others were interpreted differently by those receiving them, causing misunderstandings.


We started out as a pet product in our 30s, and traveled the world to find the best in each material to satisfy diverse needs as a brand for everyone in over 70 countries. To create the best dog bed, we searched for the highest quality Lithuanian linen, met with the vice president of Mongolia's top F&B company to source the highest quality cashmere, and developed it using 100% high-quality supima cotton, organic fabrics, and British Liberty fabrics. Not to mention denim for luxury brands like Diesel.


In particular, since 2003, pet product companies have decided to use common sense and ethics not to use animal materials such as animal skin and fur. After making the declaration, we stopped using goose down, duck down, cow, sheep leather, cashmere, alpaca wool, mink, rabbit, and raccoon fur, and established our own brand factory in 2014 to create better products.


As a vegan brand, we searched for ultrasuede, Alcantara, and the best vegan materials, and with the belief in making pet products for everyone, we created many of the best materials and the best production, but our customers wanted something else.


Were my efforts a bit reckless? In my mid-40s, I began to ask myself questions about what is for everyone and what is truly for pets and their owners.


For whom is what I have been pursuing for over 20 years? I began to question whether I was following the tastes of so many different people under the pretext of serving customers and leading dog fashion, and whether I was actually trying to create true products for my beloved dogs and cats.


Pet owners, narrow the scope and ask what do dog owners really want? Is wearing the highest quality imported fabrics and products decorated with jewels and lace really what children want? Is investing time, money, and life into high-end luxury jeans for the children?


On the one hand, even dressing a pet in clothes can be perceived as abuse, but in my 50s, I realized that my life is not that long to make what is truly necessary for the happiness of the long journey between humans and pets who spend their lives together. It is only now that I can feel it.


So, in 2020, we created a new brand called SSOOOK.


Like Tom Hanks and Volleyball Wilson in the movie CAST AWAY, SSOOOK's hope is that the long journey will be filled with abundant happiness by making something valuable that is necessary to become someone special to me and to become a meaningful person to you. This is my hope, and this is the image of SSOOOK’s customers that SSOOOK envisions.


I have moved away from the instinctive desire that comes when I just start raising a pet to decorate and show off my pretty child for someone other than myself and my pet, and now it is more convenient because the relationship between me and my child is more important. , Those who pursue a clean, peaceful and warm pet lifestyle are designated as SSOOOK customers and members, and SSOOOK will do its best for these people.


I can't say that SSOOOK is the best, but in order to give the greatest value to myself and my pet, not to others, we have a clear goal and belief in creating products that bring the greatest benefit to both of our lives, and meet SSOOOK's true customers. I'm going to bed again today.


Best Regards,

Puppy Angel & Sooook Brand Founder Kay SSOOOK