SSOOOK BAG that can be used as a console car seat

SSOOOK BAG that can be used as a console car seat

SSOOOK console car seat

"My dog ​​is safe and the owner is comfortable"

When the dog is comfortable,
the dog owner is comfortable,
and when the dog owner is comfortable,
you can spend a long time and happy time with your pet.

SSOOOK BAG is a multi-item that can
be used as a dog house at home
and as a dog console car seat in a car,
where dogs can relax and wait
for their guardians in a dog-friendly restaurant.


Why do you need a dog console car seat?

POINT 1. Children with separation anxiety
are often dangerous when they suddenly
run into the dog owner driving or try
to sit on the dog owner's lap.

POINT 2. Curious children who are very
curious about the world outside the window
often stand leaning against the window,
but small dogs are especially at
risk of patellar dislocation.

POINT 3. If a moving vehicle suddenly brakes,
the dog may fall off the seat because it cannot balance.

For puppies in the second half of 2kg,
SSOOOK BAG M size is recommended.

Poodle Daebak 2.8kg
Bichon Lumi 2.6kg

Just connect it with a strap to transform
into a safe dog car seat.

The detachable strap allows for easy attachment
and secure fit.

Securely fitted with a 4-point seat belt

If you want your child to be safe even in a sudden stop,
please use the 4-point safety belt of SSOOOK BAG.

A safe 4-point seat belt is completed
by simply adjusting the length of the
SSOOOK BAG strap and connecting it to
the vehicle's headrest and seat backrest.

SSOOOK BAG is a console car seat
for dogs in the console. SSOOOK BAG is a dog car seat
in the front and rear seats. SSOOOK BAG is a dog
carrying bag when going out. It is a multi-bag that can be used anytime, anywhere.

WelshCorgi 10KG - SSOOOK BAG L size

My dog ​​is timid,
so whenever we go to a cafe or restaurant,
we find the most stable space.

No matter where you put the SSOOOK BAG,
it doesn't collapse!

Poodle 9.3KG - SSOOOK BAG L size

My dog ​​gets sick and is relieved even
though his mother needs to be next to him.

The mother, who was anxious about car seats and found
it difficult to hug, soothe, and calm her down,
said that motion sickness and anxious
behavior began to improve as she adapted
to the SSOOOK BAG console car seat,
and now moving in the car with her child has become easier.

They use it as a console car seat when traveling by car,
and remove the cushion when using public transportation.