KOKO use 2XL for wear and L for Goods.

Outerwear Size - " 2XL "

Innerwear Size - " 2XL "

Walk Size - " 2XL "

Carry Size - " L "

Home Size - " L "

Carseat Size - " L "

Outerwear Size - "2XL"

clothes have long legs The back length and chest circumference fit well.
KOKO hates cover rolls because her leg hair tends to clump.
However, the Air Coverall is light, so when you shake it,
The hair is well-groomed and the air cover roll is also good.

Bag Size - "L"

SSOOOK BAG L size fits well There is room even if the mesh net is closed.

Cushion Size - "L"

KOKO, like House, uses L size cushions.

House Size - "L"

KOKO's like the house camping often so I like the portability.
KOKO's like it more because it can be used as a soft dog house.

Carseat Size - "L"

they say they like car seats with a lot of cotton.